Policies and Notices

Before we will accept your reservation and occupancy, we need to receive an email acknowledgment from all guests, including the parents and/or legal guardians of minors, that you have read, understood, and accepted all of the following
“Policies and Notices.”

Response to Policies and Notices

Reservations, Deposits, Cancellations, Refunds, Payments
When you make a reservation we will confirm those dates and hold them for you. We only make the Cottage available to one party at a time whether it is a single person or a small group. If you pay by check, it must be received before we can confirm your reservation. There are no refunds after one month prior to your scheduled arrival date unless the Cottage gets rebooked. If we are able to fill your dates, your money will be refunded minus a $50 processing fee. If we are unable to provide you with a refund we are willing to credit your deposit towards a future rental under the same terms.

To confirm a reservation we require 50% deposit for the rent, cleaning fee and county tax. The 50% balance is due one month before your scheduled arrival date along with a separate payment for the refundable $500 security deposit. If your reservation is less than one month away or for a holiday period, we request full payment in advance.  We will send you a refund for the full amount of the security deposit as long as there is no damage to the premises. All cancellations will be charged a 5% processing fee regardless of how far in advance the cancellation takes place. In the event of additional last minute charges, we do not process credit cards or ATMs at the Cottage. We can only accept cash, a California check or traveler’s checks. 

Check-in Time is 4:00 P.M. and Check-Out Time is 11:00 AM. If circumstances permit and with prior notice we can sometimes allow early Check-In and/or late Check-Out. Please inquire if you are interested.

The Reservation and Payment Process

You are encouraged to bring any foods and beverages you desire and provide your own meals and snacks. We want you to be happy at the Kaweah Cottage. Good food and beverages are an essential part of your experience and we are glad to help you plan your menus or to make recommendations for catering or local dining, which is somewhat limited.

Food and Beverage Options

NOTE: The Cottage is equipped with a propane gas range/convection oven and a toaster. 
There is NO MICROWAVE on the premises. We also have a small propane BBQ grill for outdoor grilling. If you barbecue please remember to close the adjacent windows to prevent smoke from wafting into the Cottage.
NOTE: Please don’t leave any food outside (including the deck) and don’t attempt to feed any of the domestic or wild animals.

Cleaning, Laundry, Maintenance
In order to maintain a clean space we require that outdoor shoes are removed when inside the Cottage. The Cleaning Service makes everything ready for you with fresh laundered linens and towels and a clean house. We do not provide maid service in the conventional sense but the Service thoroughly cleans the premises at least once a week and are able to take care of any additional maintenance that may be necessary during your stay. There are laundry facilities available on-site for your personal clothes and the Service takes care of all the towels and linens for bath and bedding on a weekly basis. The $150 Fee for the Cleaning Service covers the first week. We charge an additional $150 per week for every 1 to 7 days beyond the initial week.

Our usual time for general cleaning and laundry is once per week between 11:00 AM and 4:00 PM. If your visit exceeds one week, we can discuss your needs and fine tune the cleaning schedule. 

Security Deposit and the Cottage Amenities
We require a $500 Security Deposit. This is an honor system. If anything is broken or damaged please let us know so we can determine the appropriate value. Likewise, we try to provide as many of the basic supplies as possible for a comfortable stay. In addition to the piano, electronic gear, linens, sheets, towels, extensive kitchenware and appliances, we supply DVDs, CDs, books, games, music, magazines and brochures for your enjoyment. Please leave everything behind for future guests.

Phone and WiFi Internet Access
Rate includes utilities and SATELLITE WiFi access but not telephone. AT&T Mobile phones work in a few spots on the land. Verizon and others cellular services DO NOT work at all. There is a land line available for local and domestic calls or in the event of an emergency. 
NOTE: We do NOT have satellite, cable or broadcast television. Radio reception is marginal.
NOTE: Electrical blackouts and surges occur periodically in our rural area. We cannot be responsible for the inconveniences that are caused by power outages or damage that may occur to your personal electronics or computers due to electrical blackouts and surges. We can provide candles for nighttime illumination in the event of a blackout.

Waste Disposal 
There is no garbage disposal or dishwasher in the Cottage. All appropriate food waste is composted in our garden or thrown away. It’s easy to do. We will provide you with a small bin and take care of it for you. Please do not let waste go down the kitchen sink drain. Regular waste can be removed as needed.

Health, Emergencies
No Smoking inside or directly adjacent to the Cottage. 
••• Provide us with pertinent information in the event of an emergency: contact persons, phone numbers, and any special medical instructions that would be helpful. We also require check-in form that lists all guest names, ages; vehicle information; and emergency contact information.
If you have any allergies or medical conditions please let us know. Be sure to bring any medications you may require. If you get bit or stung or hurt in any way, please notify us as soon as possible.
We are seven miles from the village of Three Rivers and it is a very small town with one pharmacy. There are some doctors in the area but the nearest Hospital Emergency Room is 45 minutes away.
REMINDER: If you are prone to motion sickness please be aware that the local mountain roads are long and winding. Bring appropriate prevention or treatments.

Please keep in mind that although children are very welcome at the Kaweah Cottage, it is not a child proof home. There are antiques, oriental rugs, artworks, lamps, a piano, crafts and fragile furnishings and kitchenwares in the Cottage. Please consider whether the Cottage is appropriate for your entire family.
We are in a wilderness area and near running water. The River is wild and has currents and unknown objects beneath the surface. The flow and profile of the River changes throughout the year. We consider it hazardous for non-swimmers and beginning swimmers. Although there are some areas with calmer pools, it can still be quite stressful to supervise young children when near the River. The simple act of getting in and out of the River can be challenging due to uneven and very slippery surfaces.  Children who are not yet able to swim or are beginners must be very carefully supervised by an adult swimmer at all times whenever they are near the River or the Creek.

General Safety 
••• The caretakers also live nearby in the Old Homestead. Please notify them if you wish to explore the wilderness areas surrounding the Cottage; if you experience any bites or injuries; if you need access to the telephone; if you have forgotten something that you need; or if you have any questions about anything.
••• Please don’t leave any food outside (including the deck) and don’t attempt to feed any of the domestic           or wild animals.
••• You must be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS NEAR THE RIVER. It is VERY SLIPPERY and unstable in many places.
••• Barefoot at River is okay but not safe anywhere else outdoors. 
••• Do not wear high heels or any unstable shoes on the land.
••• No Glass Containers permitted down at the river.
••• Brightly colored clothes can attract bees and other flying insects.
••• No Hunting. No Shooting. No Firearms. No Trespassing on Neighbor’s Land. 
••• Do not build any fires on the land without prior consent from the caretakers.

••• We are a working ranch with horses, barbwire, old structures, splinters, bumps and holes in the ground, slippery rocks and unpredictable wildlife.
Caution is required at all times.

••• The River and Creek are wild and untamed. Swimming is at your own Risk.
Never dive into the water. Take time to re-familiarize yourself every time you go the River.
ROCKS ARE VERY SLIPPERY, BOTH IN AND AROUND THE RIVER. Caution is required at all times. During the Winter and Spring Melt the runoff is especially dangerous. You should be extra careful even getting near the River during these times since people can fall into the River from slippery or unstable rocks and banks. If you do fall into the water DO NOT PANIC. The current will usually take you to a calmer place where you can get out of the River. Never fight the current.

••• This is a wild place. Hiking is at your own risk. You must take responsibility for your safety. 

••• Bites and stings do not occur often. Most creatures are usually not aggressive but still pose a threat. No matter how well the Cottage is cared for it is still possible for bugs to get in. When hiking or strolling about please be aware of the ground in front of you. Some of them are only present during certain seasons. The main ones to be aware of are a variety of spiders, rattlesnakes, yellow jackets, black widows, kissing bugs, scorpions, mosquitoes, and ticks. If you get bit or stung or threatened please let us know immediately. If possible, please keep the critter for identification. If you have allergies please notify us and bring medications with you. Although extremely rare, other concerns in our region are rabies, lyme disease, bubonic plague, hanta virus, and west nile virus. If you get bit or stung or hurt in any way, please notify us as soon as possible.

••• The Sierra Nevada and foothills are rattlesnake habitat. Please watch where you walk. During the Spring, Summer and Autumn months we strongly recommend using a dim flashlight when you walk about during the nighttime and remember that snakes are also nocturnal.

••• There is a wide variety of wild animals such as coyotes, wild pigs, skunks, bobcats, mountain lion, raccoons, and rodents.

••• Once you have learned to identify these noxious plants they are easy to avoid: poison oak, thistles, goathead, noxious weeds, stinging nettles, stickleburrs.

••• We are in a secluded area and you are free to make all the NOISE you want. Unfortunately, so are the neighbors. The sounds of barking dogs, working chainsaws, pecking woodpeckers, mooing cows, and even gunfire are not uncommon. 

••• Several pet dogs reside on the land. They are free to roam the adjacent area, are friendly to people and provide an important service to us in keeping wild animals away from our dwellings. If you are afraid of dogs please let us know in advance of finalizing your reservation.
Do not feed the dogs or leave food or garbage accessible to the animals.

Smoking, Perfumes, Chemical Sensitivity
Some of our guests are chemically sensitive and we do our best to maintain a smoke and scent-free environment inside the Cottage. We request that you refrain from using any perfumes, air fresheners or scented cleansers in the house as they can leave residues that are allergenic to our chemically sensitive guests. If you are prone to allergies or are chemically sensitive please contact us to discuss your visit to the Cottage. We will make every reasonable effort to accommodate you but cannot guarantee how you will respond to the environment.

Two horses live at Shangrila. It is possible to visit, feed and pet them. If this is something you are interested in please let us know so we can discuss the details. There is no fee for this activity.

We are not able to accommodate visiting pets because there are several domestic animals already residing on the land including dogs, cats, horses and neighboring livestock. There is also a large population of wild animals that could be hazardous to your pet if they are not accustomed to the wilderness. Coyotes, cougars, rattlesnakes, skunks, raccoons, ticks, and heartworm can present a serious risk to your domestic pet. Also of concern are foxtails and poison oak transfer to humans.

There is a private boarding facility in the area that can accommodate dogs. Please let us know if you are interested.

Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park permits pets on a leash adjacent to improved areas. Even on a leash,  practically all trails do not allow pets. They also forbid you from leaving your pet unattended in a vehicle on hot days. 

Response to Policies and Notices

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